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In 1999, Raymond Gerber and Elizabeth D. Gerber, owners and founders of Medical Allied Career Center, Inc. (MACC) opened the first school, Continue CPR, a continuing Education School, that offers Health Provider Training and Certification Courses that includes Pharmacology, Critical Care, IV Certification & Blood Withdrawal, Basic EKG, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation, Advanced Dysrhythmia, and Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Management of Assaultive Behavior and Monitor Technician Course.

With the apparent success of Continue CPR and in an effort to draw the 37 years of experience as a Registered Nurse of Elizabeth D. Gerber, its sister company, Medical Allied Career Center, Inc. (MACC) was established in August 2005 and has been serving students in the Los Angeles area since 2006. MACC offers Vocational Nursing Program with various areas of clinical specialties such as Patient Care, Administering Medication, Drawing Blood, Nutritional Counseling, Geriatric Care, Surgical Care, Pediatric Care, Obstetric Care, Clinical Care, Psychiatric Care, and Oncology Care. Other courses being offered are Nursing Assistant Program, Home Health Aide Program, Phlebotomy Technician and Medical Assistant.


Medical Allied Career Center, Inc. (MACC) aspires to provide nursing and healthcare educational programs that foster an intellectually and culturally diverse environment that enhances individual growth and development that would benefit the needs of their respective clients. To prepare a broad community of students to make lifelong learning commitments that result in personal, social, economic, and community contributions to an increasingly global interdependent world.


Medical Allied Career Center, Inc. (MACC) is located at 12631 East Imperial Highway, Bldg. D, Suite 108, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, Phone # (562) 807-2420, Fax # (562) 807-2421 and website: It is located in a gated business park complex with free parking spaces. It has a total of 5,500 square feet and holds 5 classrooms, 4 offices, lobby, file room, library, storage room and a teacher’s lounge. Classroom A holds a maximum of 34 students while classroom B holds a maximum of 26 students. These are considered the 2 biggest classrooms and are used for lectures, presentations and skills. One (1) sink and weight scale are in Classroom B. Classrooms C, D and E holds a maximum of 16, 16 and 12 students respectively. Classrooms C and D are also used for lectures, presentations and skills. Classroom E is used as skills laboratory where mannequins, wheel chair, walkers and other skills supplies and equipments are found. Each classroom has television, video and DVD players, side tables, bed, and mannequins.

A pantry or a coffee room where a coffee machine, microwave, and a vending machine for snacks and drinks are found is made available for students to use. A teacher’s lounge is provided for instructors to prepare their lessons and teaching plans. The library is 115.9 square feet and holds 6 internet-based computers to be used by students for research. There are additional internet-based laptops for classroom use. More than 200 nursing/medical books are available for references. The location of the school is a close proximity to the Norwalk County Library and Cerritos College. Medical Allied Career Center, Inc. staff and employees are warm and willing to help their students by attending to their needs.

Prospective students are required to tour the school and discuss personal, educational, and occupational plans with Admission’s Representative before enrolling.