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Medical Assisting


The courses in this program offer the student an introduction to both the clinical (back office) and the administrative skills of a medical front office. Clinical skills that the student will learn include but are not limited to giving injections; administering medications; obtaining vital signs; such as blood pressure, and recording patient history. They will also learn to draw blood, collect and process lab specimens, and perform glucose and hemoglobin testing. Additionally, the student will develop skills such as assisting in surgery, instrument sterilization, tray preparation, and removal of sutures.

Administrative skills that the student will learn include appointment scheduling, billing and insurance procedures, and telephone techniques. After award of the certificate, the student will have developed sufficient skills and be eligible for placement in entry-level positions in hospitals, medical clinics, or doctors’ offices

Methods of instruction are in campus (theory and laboratory) and outside work (externship).

Key instructional resources and materials include required books and DVDs and a variety of reference books in the library.


The objective of the Medical Assisting Program is to prepare students for a successful career working in the medical field as a Medical Assistant. Medical Allied Career Center Inc. offers a certificate in Medical Assistant.