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All students regardless of race/ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religious creed, disability, medical condition, are considered for acceptance according to the admissions standards stated in this catalog.

Students with specific physical disabilities will be assessed individually to determine the extent of their potential ability to perform in their desired career area. Students who demonstrate special needs in hearing or sight related learning disabilities will be accommodated as best as possible in selected programs. Obvious sight disabilities could disqualify some students from some programs. For students with learning disabilities, instructors can provide tutoring help to increase a student’s learning. The institution is handicap accessible.

All students will be required to undergo a tour prior to enrollment and to sign disclosures signifying that the institution has complied with state student disclosure requirements prior to enrollment.

The final determination for admission is based on entrance test results, prior education, motivation, work experience, appropriate attitude, placement potential, and general attitude for the chosen field. Applicants are assessed on an individual basis to determine the prospective student’s ability to successfully complete the program of study.

MACC does not require any English language proficiency information from the student enrolling in any of the programs offered by the school.

Previous training (vocational nursing) at a state-approved school will be considered with respect to the respective program upon demonstration of proficiency. The student must present his/her evidence of training in these areas and pass hands-on and terminology tests. Appropriate credit (not to exceed 50% of program hours) may be offered. This determination will be made and documented jointly by the School Director and respective instructors.

The school reserves the right to change tuition and fees, make curricular changes as necessary, and make substitutions in books and supplies as required without prior notice. Any changes in tuition or fees will not affect a student already in attendance or enrolled.

All applicants are required to complete a personal interview with the Program Director or designee prior to signing an Enrollment Agreement. Personal interviews give the Program Director an opportunity to conclude an applicant’s qualifications for enrollment in any program.