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Vocational Nursing


Under general supervision, the vocational nurses will provide a wide variety of direct patient care by performing the more responsible, non-registered nursing duties under the direction of a Registered Nurse; will perform assigned responsible patient care, utilizing specialized knowledge in the techniques, methods, procedures, and equipment required in support of the professional staff; will observe, record and report unusual conditions or behaviors; will take and record blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and respiration; will administer medications as prescribed by physicians; may adjust or discontinue flow of intravenous therapy; performs various types of catheterizations and irrigations; will provide for the safety, emotional and physical comfort of the patient; will learn and operate a wide variety of hospital equipment; will administer enemas, douches, irrigations, and catheterizations; will establish and maintain effective working relationships with the staff, patients and patients' families.


Upon completion of the Vocational Nursing Program, the student will be eligible for application for licensure as a Licensed Vocational Nurse and be able to:
  1. Utilize the nursing process in using and practicing basic assessment (data collection), participating in planning, executing interventions in accordance with the care plan or treatment plan, and contributing to individualized nursing interventions under the direction and guidance of a registered nurse.
  2. Provide patient/client care and perform basic nursing services as defined in scope of practice for Vocational Nursing.
  3. Apply communication skills for the purpose of a continuity of patient/client care and education.
  4. Provide assistance to influence the client's development in achieving an optimal level of self care.
  5. Promote an understanding and appreciation of the principles of health and health education, and insight into disease treatment and prevention, and for the client's return to self-care.
  6. Promote an awareness of essential social attributes necessary to perform safely and efficiently.
  7. Perform safely and efficiently, while maintaining confidential positive interpersonal relationships, empathy, and patient advocacy.
  8. Fulfill the social responsibility of being a role model for a positive health example in health care facilities, in the community, and in the home.