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Massage Therapy


The courses in this program familiarize students with the theory and hands-on skills necessary for entry-level positions as a Massage Therapist. The training program prepares graduates work in spas, clinics, chiropractic office, nursing homes, health club as well as in satisfying private practice. Our curriculum meets all educational requirements for state licensure as a Massage Therapist. The program equips graduates with the skills they need to work in the rapidly growing industry of massage therapy.

Administrative skills that the student will learn include appointment scheduling, work ethics and professional and personal development and finances.

Methods of instruction are in campus (theory and laboratory) and outside work (externship).

Key instructional resources and materials include required books including a variety of reference books in the library and DVDs and practical hands-on training.


The objective of the Massage Therapy Program is to prepare students for a successful career working in the medical field as a Massage Therapist. Medical Allied Career Center Inc. offers a certificate in Massage Therapy.

The certificate program in Massage Therapy consists of a total of 720 contact hours, 33 Semester Credits of study.